College Football Compared to Slavery

College is a ruse, and college football is a bigger ruse. It’s rare when people call out academia for it’s hypocrisies, and when they do, they aren’t really sure how to do it.

University of Florida corner-back Jalen Tabor decided to speak out using Liberal tactics against Liberalism.

The Southeastern Conference raked in an enormous $527.4 million in revenue from Fiscal Year 2015, more than 60% more than the previous year, according to a USA Today Sports report, and this caused Tabor to tweet the following:

Jalen Tabor 1

Now Tabor gets a “free ride” to college, as some people responded, but that’s part of the problem. Most of these student athletes are more focused on the “athlete” part. The schools set these kids up with meaningless educations, and the overwhelming majority do NOT make it to the pros. Note: “Ain’t Get A Penny”.


The fact is, most big college football programs are cash cows for the schools, promising lots to student athletes and delivering little.

That said, it is the student’s responsibility to see through the ruse and demand the best the college has to offer. Most don’t. They are conditioned to take the easy way, which only compounds their troubles.

Tabor later apologized, if you can call it that.

Apologies can’t have a “but.” In this case, I do get the message, Jalen.

You understand the game being played on you, and you remain a willing participant. Such is Liberalism, youngster.

Is it any wonder universities don’t want Conservatives there? If I explained how things work to Tabor, he’d get the message, and change the game. Many blacks would see colleges and universities for what they are and revolt. In a small way that revolt has begun, but for the wrong reasons. Black students want racial quota equality, but should be demanding something else, specifically higher standards for themselves.

No more “ethnic studies,” and more STEM classes, that’s a start.

To Tabor I say, slaves don’t volunteer. Slaves don’t get the opportunity to get educated.



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