Cruz Crushed Trump And The Beatings Will Continue

Cruz destroyed Donald Trump in the debate. Yes, it’s that simple.

I know a lot of “Trumpettes” don’t want to hear this, but it’s a fact. Trump was still Trump after the debate. Weird and rambling, and full of himself. He said nothing new, but he showed that he could be rattled.

Cruz on the other hand was affable. He hasn’t ascended to the boyish charm of Marco, but he was indeed more affable that the former Cruz.

Cruz was also deft, as he more than held his own against Trump; in fact, he downright flattened him.

Usually when Trump attacks somebody, they lose ground. It’s not that Trump is such a good debater, because as even the most ardent Trumpettes know, he is not. Trump is a horrible debater. He talks about being great, and making things great again. Blathering, but effective to some. However it’s when he goes on the attack that you really see how one-dimensional he is. You’re ugly, or fat, or short, or poor; these are his usual insults.

The problem with Cruz is he is impervious to Trump’s insults, and this ;lack of reaction from Cruz hurt Trump noticeably. Trump was like a fighter who was used to knocking people out with one punch. He hit Cruz square, and Cruz didn’t even flinch. Uh oh.

Trump is a bully at his core. It’s the way he’s conducted business, working with the most crooked establishments on the planet. Government, unions, hostile tenants and so on all had to be dealt with harshly for him to succeed. This is not necessarily bad, but Trump uses bully tactics where he shouldn’t.

Trump needs to see your pain, as it actually makes him feel good. It’s not necessarily a criticism, as I too think Rosie O’Donnell is disgusting. Sometimes, that type of naked truth is needed in a battle with a nitwit. But when Trump is battling Rand Paul or Dr. Ben Carson, both men being of better character than Trump, those childish tactics are wholly unnecessary. They showcase Trump’s insecurities more than they hurt the other party.

Trump tried to bully Cruz, and he found out that the new kid could fight. Trump was shaken when Cruz took the punch and smiled. That’s why he went “Liberal” on Cruz, and pulled the sympathy card, and resorted to 9-11 as his safety net.

“…the smell, the stench of dead bodies…blah blah blah”

Cruz didn’t attack the people who died in New York on 9-11. He attacked Trump and his ilk.

Trump called Iowans “stupid.” Has he apologized? But when Cruz tells America what we know about New Yorkers, Trump pulls the 9-11 card. For the record, ALL of America grieved on 9-11, not just New Yorkers. And unlike New Yorkers, the rest of America hasn’t forgotten who destroyed the Twin Towers. We don’t have New York sensibilities, but instead American sensibilities. Our anger at the perpetrators of the attack lingers on, and rightfully so.

Trump says Cruz is not a good person, after having called him a good person. Trump has said this about everybody, then taken his ball and gone home. Trump decries Hillary Clinton after hanging with Hillary Clinton. He has the convenient excuse of saying it was “business.” The problem for Trump is IT’S ALWAYS BUSINESS.

What we are seeing is Trump finally understands political mortality. He’s gotten away with many career-killers, and survived the fray. But he picked a fight with the wrong guy. Trump claims he’s been waiting on Cruz to attack him; well, GAME ON!

Here is my prediction. Cruz will make substantial gains on Trump over the next month, as attrition continues within the Republican ranks. Trump will finally get the message and he will start discussing third party. He will do something very liberal, not that proposing Scott Brown as a potential VP or his uber Liberal sister for SCOTUS isn’t enough.

But Cruz did what Trump usually does. Cruz used truth about New Yorkers to get earned media. Cruz has drawn Trump out, and the bully is getting a beatdown. And you can expect it to continue, because Cruz will beat Trump in 10 out of 10 fights. Trump is not fighting in bar brawls with yokels, but instead with a train pugilist who’s been waiting patiently to knock him out.

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