Dating Site Dilemma for Democrats

White people dating siteEver heard of Black Planet? It’s a dating site that is exclusively for blacks. Of course there is BET, the Congressional Black Caucus, and a host of other “black only” nonsense, including a TV show called “Black Love.”

You would think that Liberals would have assuaged enough guilt where “black” only is no longer needed, however I assure you, America is far from it.

Liberals remain the most vile racists on the planet, and that racism in encouraged. So when I saw this billboard, I thought it was worth mentioning. It’s well past time that white people get the guts to do “white” stuff, as that appears to be the only way black Liberals (and their wranglers) will learn anything.

These people actually WANT a segregated America. The proof is in the outcomes, as Liberals choose leaders based on ethnicity. They put black people in “black neighborhoods,” and black children in “black schools.” These blacks listen to “black” radio, and watch BET. Their excuse for these organizations is that blacks are oppressed, and white people are not.

ALL people have the same issues. We all must find our place in the sun, and how we do that is an individual choice. The only oppression occurring in America today is either by the government or by individual choice.

Below is the information posted in the dating site’s “About Us” section:

“I am sure some of you are wondering about the concept and need for a dating website titled “Where White People Meet.Com”. Our answer to that would be why not? There are various dating websites that promote and cater to just about every origin, race, religion and lifestyle out there. So again, why not “Where White People Meet.Com”?

The question naturally arises, can anyone join? That answer is yes, as long as you are at least 18 years of age and you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth for all members to follow. We want our dating forum to be simple and inexpensive with the ability to connect like minded people in a non discriminatory fashion.

Here at “Where White People Meet.Com” we believe in the concept that all people have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. We also believe that finding your perfect partner, your soul mate is one of the best ways, as humans, to obtain happiness. Furthermore we believe that all men are created equal (the word men stands for a species, not gender).

We sincerely hope that you decide to join today. There are hundreds of dating websites to choose from, so please join ours if it fits your preferences and helps bring your ideal soul mate that much closer. Here at we believe that all people, regardless of race, creed, color or religion deserve to be happy and that no one should go through life alone.”

H/T Fox 2 News


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