Ever Wonder How Much Panhandling Pays?

The best panhandlers are in politics, as they have just quit begging, and just raid your car as you stop at the light. No window wash, no sign needed.

As for the other panhandlers, those who claim “will work for food,” or “wounded veteran,” etc. we’ve all been suspicious from time to time.

We go by the rule, if you give money to them, just believe they are genuine. Then we run into a guy like this.

According to The Blaze,

Kevin Joy, 43, was asking for money on a center median without a permit when he was spotted by officers, the Fresno Police Department said in a statement.

The 43-year-old was taken into custody for violating a municipal code and placed under arrest. As police searched him, officers discovered he wasn’t as poor as some were led to believe — in fact, he had bundles of cash in his possession.

Police said that the man has been cited or arrested for similar violations 11 times within the last 18 days alone — and more than 60 times in 2015.

“Joy has been offered city resources to improve his situation but instead chooses to live this lifestyle,” the statement said.The Fresno Police Department urged residents who would like to help the homeless to donate to a charity organization instead of giving their hard-earned cash directly to panhandlers.

Image source: Facebook

Joy amassed $1800 working the streets! That’s more than many working people have in savings. I’m not sure I can fault him. He has to show up to get paid. If people are willing to give, why shouldn’t he ask? At least he does ask, as opposed to Al-Obama and his 40 Thieves. Our government simply takes, and then gets mad when we catch them stealing.

This guy is not a thief. That said, I’m glad Kevin Joy didn’t decide to go into politics. He would have been amazing, and likely sitting in DC somewhere on the grift.


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