Feminism Sucks and This Feminist Admits It

Feminism Sucks and This Feminist Admits It

I’ve written a few times about feminism.

Because like most things Liberal, it’s just a matter of time before feminists abandon their evil ways. Feminism has become so vile, that many formerly proud feminists, don’t like the word.

As this video shows, it is only recently that a few Hollyweirdos have tried to put lipstick on the pig of feminism (my apologies to pigs).
UPDATE: Original video was taken down. We replaced it with this AMAZING speech on feminism)

They may publicly play the fraud, but behind closed doors they are anything but feminists.

Occasionally, and it is admittedly rare, one of these feminists admits publicly that they screwed up. That’s what happened to a devout feminist recently, as she apologized to Christians.

As reported in WND,

A founding member of the radical-feminist group Femen has disavowed the organization, apologized to Christians and adopted a pro-life stance.

Sara Fernanda Giromini, once known as “Sara Winter” when she helped create Femen Brazil in 2012, now says the group “promotes the destruction of the traditional family and all moral values ​​of society.”

People who know my work know my stance on feminism. Like Affirmative Action, feminism is quite simply not needed. Feminism provides a crutch for women too lazy to work in a relationship. Ergo, feminists blame being physically and emotionally vile human beings on men.

Further, feminism is blatantly and unapologetically racist.

Feminism decimated the black community. For example, black women are the least married group in America. Moreover, 72 percent of children are raised by single mothers. White feminists grew up and eventually married. Most started shaving their legs and underarms, and embraced their new-found lives that happily include men.

And that is exactly what happened to Giromini. As the article continues,

The impetus for Giromini’s shift came with the birth of her second child in October. She says in her new book, “B–ch, No! Seven Times I Was Betrayed by Feminism,” that she has repented for her first abortion, engaging in a same-sex kiss in front of the Church of Our Lady of Candelária in Rio de Janeiro and practicing bisexuality to gain “maximum respect” from other feminists.

Like most feminists, Giromini searched for something the feminist movement fraudulently promised to deliver. She craved acceptance, recognition, perhaps respect. Thus women become feminists.

Once indoctrinated, feminists behave like a gang. As such, they prey on young, vulnerable woman, and provide a sort of “sisterhood”. Except feminists exclude their black sisters.

The feminist movement hides its racist underbelly in groups like Planned Parenthood. That organization has but one goal: the extermination of “human weeds”. The organization’s founder referred to blacks as “human weeds.”

Consider the proliferation of abortion in America, and where most of those abortions occur. Planned Parenthood performs 300 percent more abortions on black women, than any other ethnicity.

The intent of feminism is to destroy the family, then destroy the church. To be a good feminist, one must adopt a radical view against men and Christians, and the rest of the feminist plot will take care of itself.

As Giromini explained,

“Lesbian and bisexual women have much more voice and respect within the movement, so in the search for recognition of my struggle, with each day that passed, I deconstructed my heterosexuality and was substituting it with an artificial bisexuality,” she says in a Dec. 15 YouTube video titled “I ask Christians for forgiveness for feminist protest,” News.com.au reported Thursday.

Look at the debauchery which runs rampant in America. Young girls wear promiscuity as a badge of honor. And feminist enlist Hollywood to reinforce their vile nature.

Fear not. Because Christian Conservatives always win in the end.


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