Guess What’s Making a Comeback in America’s Cities

The War on Christianity perpetrated by atheists and Leftist activists suffered a setback, as another city is installing “In God We Trust” decals on more than 200 city owned vehicles.

The city council of Lake Charles voted unanimously this past November to adopt the decals. Lake Charles joins two other Southwest Louisiana cities, namely Sulphur and Vinton to use “In God We Trust” decals.

The decals are being funded by private donations and will be installed on the vehicles within the next 2 weeks, and many residents feel it’s about time.

As reported by NBC affiliate KPLC7 in Louisiana:

“Councilman Rodney Geyen sponsored the measure.

‘I think when the citizens of Lake Charles see such stickers displayed on our vehicles they have a feel of trust in the elected officials,’ Geyen said.

It’s a feeling of trust some residents say is more about patriotism than religion.

‘Whenever we first got here we were running from oppression,’ Lamb said. ‘We need to come back together as a community. If it’s by faith, it doesn’t matter by what faith but we need to stay there.’”

It is yet to be determined if the use of these decals will be the atheists’ version of Napoleon’s Waterloo, but their quest to remove God from America is clearly springing leaks. Other cities around the country have adopted similar measures and this is keeping atheist activist groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation busy trying to plug the holes.

Thus far the group hasn’t publicly acknowledged the Lake Charles decals, but they did address a similar case back in August in an interview with The Blaze:

“Dan Barker, co-president of the atheist group, told TheBlaze in August that the Freedom From Religion Foundation ‘would love to sue over a case’ involving the ‘In God We Trust’ decals. The group has sent letters to sheriffs offices across America demanding the removal of the decals.

‘We can’t predict what we’ll do next,’ he said, speaking of a specific case in Walton County, Florida. ‘Even if we wanted to sue we have to have a plaintiff there who’s willing to sign on.’”

In other words, atheists are looking for more foot soldiers to file lawsuits so they can financially punish municipalities where faith can bring their communities together. Hopefully, more cities around the country will display the national motto “In God We Trust” and roll back the atheist and Left Wing assault on Christianity in America.

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