Guess Who Paid The Democrats Off?

The Democrats don’t actually want Hillary Clinton, but they will take her money. And despite her declaration of being “dead broke,” Hillary Clinton is far from it.

The reason is Hillary Clinton used her power as Secretary of State, and the persona of her womanizing philanderer to set up a not-so-elaborate extortion machine called The Clinton Foundation. That organization is a government-sanctioned printing press, that allows Hillary Clinton to pay for the DNC to support her, and nobody else.

That’s why Joe Biden has been banished. When is the last time you heard that fool’s name?

NY Governor Cuomo had enough troubles, and didnt’ want the Clintons digging into his frauds. The other top two legislators in New York have been indicted, and if Cuomo declared his candidacy, he would have be wearing orange as well.

Elizabeth Warren hasn’t been mentioned, as she has issues too. Hillary knows exactly how “Liz” has benefited from fake Indian status.

As reported in The Daily Caller,

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee have an unusual agreement in which an entity she controls has paid millions of dollars to the political panel, even as its leadership plays a supposedly impartial role in fostering competition between the former secretary of state and her rivals for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Clinton created a “joint fundraising committee” Sept. 10 that funneled big-money donations in excess of the per-campaign limit to the DNC. In the next 20 days, she raised and gave $600,000 to the DNC. Fourth-quarter 2015 fundraising reports haven’t been filed yet, but the total would be in the millions.

“There is clearly an appearance that Clinton’s ability to raise money for the DNC (and states) through her joint fundraising committee could influence the party during the primaries,” Larry Noble, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center and the former top lawyer for the Federal Election Commission, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Clinton’s ability to raise money for the DNC and Party committees gives her influence with the DNC,“ Noble said.

All Hillary Clinton had to do to wrap up the nomination was to PAY FOR IT!





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