Another Liberal Wackademic Tied to ISIS

Liberal professor is redundant as most of these so-called educators are wacko Liberals. The official title for professors should be “indoctrinators.”

Liberal professors are radicals. Who knows when they have been radicalized, but they are indeed terrorists, and a major reason for the state of America today.


We learn of another radical, from WKYC news, as this Kent State professor is being investigated for ties to ISIS:

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating Julio Pino, a Kent State associate history professor, for his alleged involvement with the Islamic State, according to KentWired.

“Kent State is fully cooperating with the FBI,” Kent State spokesman Eric Mansfield told WKYC Channel 3 News.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, we will have no further comment,” said Mansfield. “The FBI has assured Kent State that there is no threat to campus.”

An FBI special agent told KentWired a joint terrorism task force has been investigating Pino for the last year and a half.

The amazing thing about this is that no matter how we Conservatives prove that radicals are firmly implanted within our midst, the Left tries to make us look Islamophobic.

As we get reports of more and more Islamic radicals in colleges, and even in our government, Obama and other Leftists are scheming to allow more into the United States. It’s only a matter of time before the next terror strike here, and it will be no surprise who initiates it: Islamic terrorists.



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