Hillary Clinton Admits She Knows Nothing But Still Smartest Person in the Room

Democrats safety nets is to presume racism against blacks.

It’s not that they care about blacks, but they know this is the safe play.

So when Hillary Clinton was asked about something she didn’t know, instead of asking questions to have a full understanding, she immediately ran to Mama’s Milk.

As the Daily Caller reports about Hillary Clinton’s answer to the documentary “Making a Murder“, made over a ten year span,

Asked by an attendee at a town hall event in Iowa on Tuesday whether she was familiar with the controversial case, which has sparked intense debate in the national media and online, Clinton shook her head to indicate that she had never heard of it. And due in part to that lack of familiarity with the documentary, Clinton appeared to believe that the case was another example of the criminal justice system being unfair to African-Americans.

“I think we do have a systemic problem in our criminal justice system,” Clinton said, adding that “it is true that there’s enough evidence to show that if you are an African-American man you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated for doing the same thing as a white man. And there’s just a lot of evidence of that. And of course, if you are poor that makes it even more likely.”

It’s simply too much for Hillary Clinton to show that she’s not completely in the know, even when she’s an obvious idiot. She knew nothing about the case mentioned, but that doesn’t stop Hillary from being the smartest person in the room.

So what this case was about a miscarriage of justice against whites! For Hillary Clinton and all other enabling Democrats, black people matter more. That almost monolithic vote is worth more than white people who cancel each other out.

Hillary Clinton would do anything to get black people to like her and more importantly to show up to vote for her. She’s desperate, as only insurrection by ignorant blacks could possibly save her campaign.



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