Hillary Clinton Will Love This Convict

Nothing surprises me with black Liberals. Not long ago Jesse Jackson, Jr was doing drugs, and using campaign money to buy lavish things, and he didn’t even bother to show up to work in Congress.

He was finally snagged, and sentenced to prison, and he fought to keep his paycheck! Because that’s what Democrats do.

And now we have another fine example of Democrat politicians who believe they should get paid no matter what!

Our example comes from Indiana, and involves a city councilman.


According to The Source,

East Chicago City Councilman Robert Battle was sworn into office, even though he is behind bars on drug and murder charges.

Just one month after it was announced that Battle was facing federal charges for the murder of Reimundo Camarillo Jr. during a drug deal, Battle took the oath of office in person from Indiana’s Porter County Jail. The Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds said that an official was brought into the jail for the swearing-in ceremony.

Battle was re-elected to his council seat in November getting 308 votes running unopposed.

I wonder why nobody opposed him?

Even though he’s in jail, Indiana law allows him to keep his council seat and collect his $42,365 salary and $12K in pension benefits.

The councilman can lose his salary and pension if he resigns, admits the charges or is found guilty in court. According to his lawyer, Battle remains active in city business, despite being incarcerated.

Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment.


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