Shocking: Hillary Clinton Ridiculed by Blacks

Hillary Clinton is desperate. The only thing keeping her campaign together is Leftist are delusional, and the media feeds that delusion.

Hillary Clinton is popular with few people. As Democrats specialize in demographics, Hillary dominates nothing when compared to her womanizing husband, and her anti-American Muslim former boss.

Hillary has tried to get women on her side, financing and promoting the failed “Bossy” campaign. That failed project segued into the equally preposterous War on Women, a war recently escalated when Hillary Clinton herself, one Bill “Justifiable Rape” Clinton to her campaign.

Hillary has pandered to illegals, ok Mexicans, Muslims, and of course there is the ever present patronizing of what Democrats private call their “silly Negroes.” But this time, Hillary’s tactics backfired.

As reported by Newsbusters, many blacks didn’t appreciate Hillary’s Kwanzaa shout-out:

Since the Democratic Party tries to win national elections by cobbling together a coalition of minorities (including union members, feminists and climate change fanatics), it came as no surprise when Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff attempted to reach out to blacks by combining their logo with elements from the Kwanzaa celebration.

The result was the usual capital “H” with an arrow in the middle – ironically pointing right — with the seven candles representing the Nguzo Saba, or principles, of Kwanzaa.

Unfortunately for Clinton, this effort to show a bit of cultural competency has backfired.

That logo and an article on the incident entitled “Hillary Clinton Tried to Be Down for Kwanzaa & Black Twitter Let Her Have It,” can be found on the Clutch Magazine website.

As Newbusters pointed out, the ridicule began in earnest, as the effort “spawned a hilarious hashtag: #NewHillaryLogo. This led to

@Philosavery to declare: “Join us in a lil game … and predict what sister Hillary’s next logo will be.”

As it seems some blacks understood the marginalizing of blacks by the Hillary Kwanzaa play as, one person modified the Hillary Clinton logo and used the “H” logo containing the badly spelled words:

“Vote for me blk ppl. Plz.”

Another illustration showed a colorful shirt on one side and a black fist rising out of the second column of the “H.” And as if that wasn’t enough, one image created by a person called Luiz modified the Clinton Kwanzaa logo with:

“u voted for 1 Clinton, now vote for … another 1. ‘SHE’ DA  BEST!!!!!!!!”

It was not meant as a compliment.

Writer and anthropologist Victoria M. Massie perhaps best explained why Clinton’s Kwanzaa logo showcased a real problem for Clinton and Democrats in general:

“Super questionable logos Hillary Clinton has used to secure black voters since announcing her candidacy this summer,” Massie stated before noting: “Maybe in 2016, Hillary Clinton will reach out to me through policy like an intelligent voter rather than pop culture & social media pandering.”

“To be clear, Hillary Clinton’s appropriated the classic RUN DMC logo,” she stated, “put Rosa Parks on the back of the bus & made a kwanzaa candle holder.”

The Clinton campaign earlier took a stab at the legacy of Civil Rights, when they pandered to black voters on the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks bus incident, as reference in an article by BuzzFeed reporter David Mack. Mack writes of Hillary’s tweet and the lambasting she received by blacks then:

Hillary Clinton tweeted: History often gets made on ordinary days by seemingly ordinary people — December 1, 1955, was one of them. Thank you, Rosa Parks. -H

To mark the day, her campaign also changed the Clinton “H” logo to include an illustration of Parks, who was sitting on the left side of the image.

As you might expect, the artwork was not well received on the Twitter website.

“Rosa and her legacy are both above this,” @MsPackyetti noted, while @PEARLfectChassi was amazed that “No one on Hillary Clinton’s team suggested that the addition of Rosa Parks was a TERRIBLE, AWFUL idea?”

“Hillary gotta fire whoever threw Rosa Parks on the logo,” @NifMuhammad responded. “Gotta do it tonight.”

Claiming to be “disgusted” by the image, @PhillyTheBoss stated that “Hillary could speak about it, tweet about it, release a statement. Cross branding your brand with Rosa Parks is classless.”

The most ironic reply came from @imfromraleigh, who declared: “You could’ve at least let Rosa sit at the front of the logo.”

Black Liberals show signs of sanity from time to time. I suspect by the time Hillary is finished with them, they will be thankful the Republican Party is there to pick up the pieces.


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