Hillary Pretends Not to Know What THIS Means

The word “establishment” is well-known as part of the lexicon of politics. Both Democrats and Republicans have theirs, and people get added to the list after they have earned it.

The Clintons have certainly earned their place in the establishment.

When you can get away with multiple rapes and still be considered a great asset to Democrats, you are undoubtedly part of the establishment. When you can provide cover as Secretary of State for an extortion and money-laundering enterprise that your husband founded and chairs, that’s a hint that you might be part of the establishment.

Let’s not forget the inevitable coronation of Hillary Clinton as the first woman president, despite her having no true ability to lead.


I could go on and on as to how the Clintons are an indelible part of the Democratic apparatus, aka the establishment.

Yet, after Bernie Sanders accused Hillary of being part of the establishment, Hillary says she doesn’t understand what establishment means.


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