Invade Our Country Then Demand This?

In the latest affront to American taxpaying citizens’ sovereignty and sensibilities, Muslims on welfare are making demands.

We’ve allowed Muslims to come to America in droves, despite their religious zealots vowing to kill us and establish a caliphate. But it gets worse, as we are financing it.

So what radical Muslims flew planes into our Twin Towers and Pentagon, commit “workplace jihad”, and shoot up Christmas parties. That’s all the more reason to build more “mosques” and bring in more terrorists, under the guise of helping the poor refugees.

Once they are here, our philanthropy hasn’t ended, as Muslims are now flooding our welfare rolls. And to add insult to taxpayer injury, these ingrates have the audacity to demand halal food. Check out this video.




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I don’t know how you feel, but those receiving charity can make no demands. Get an Imam to “bless” the food, but Americans are crazy when we begin catering to those who are receiving our charity.

It’s time this type of nonsense is stopped completely. If you are on welfare and complain, our answer should be to kick you off. If you can make demands on welfare, then you obviously can take care of yourself.




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