For Liberals: It’s Time to Punish Asians

When the average American sees an Asian, they think good thoughts. Asians are considered smart, hard-working, and they don’t commit much crime.

Asians pretty much just blend into American society, as they don’t have #AsianLivesMatter, and they aren’t generally profiled as jihadists.

But as many Asians are finding out, playing it by the book makes you the “lube,”…the rube. {snicker}

As reported in the New York Post,

The year 2015 was a dismal one for American public education — at least by the numbers.

But don’t blame the kids. Parents are missing in action.

Except most Asian-American parents, that is. They tend to oversee their children’s homework, stress the importance of earning high grades and instill the belief that hard work is the ticket to a better life.

And it pays off. Their children are soaring academically.

Now one would think that Asians would be the example that most people would set, but as with all things Liberal, the truth is frighteningly different. As the article continues,

The outrage is that instead of embracing the example of these Asian families, school authorities and non-Asian parents want to rig the system to hold them back. It’s happening here in New York City, in suburban New Jersey and across the nation.

Asians are not inherently smarter than Americans, they just work harder. In the past it was two things that separated us from the rest of the world, allowing America to become the greatest nation that ever existed. The first advantage was our mosaic; the fact that America is made up of all peoples, and what used to be the BEST of all peoples. The second advantage was our work ethic. Americans always relished in that frontier spirit. But not anymore.

Americans have become the biggest whiners on the planet, most Americans happy to get something for nothing. This is why American teens rank a dismal 28th in math and science knowledge, while Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are at the top. All these Asian countries are steeped in tradition, and their conservative nature has allowed them to learn from others, incorporate the processes, and now Asians excel.

Meanwhile, America is in a trough. For the first time in 25 years, scores on the main test for elementary and middle school education in America fell, and SAT scores for college-bound students dropped significantly. There is a factor that is helping the demise of the American education system, and it’s called multiculturalism.

Asians may have Chinatown, or Little Korea, but those who come here to stay become American. And despite their backgrounds, they come here for a better life, and their test scores show it, as they outscore all other students by large margins on both tests, and their lead keeps widening.

The writer continues,

Here in New York City, Asian-Americans make up 13 percent of students, yet they win more than half of the coveted places each year at the city’s selective public high schools, such as Bronx Science and Stuyvesant.

Hey black Liberal…IS THIS THING ON?

The reason for the success is simple: parenting!

According to the author, many successful charter schools require parents to sign a pledge that they’ll supervise their children’s homework and encourage a strong work ethic. And non-Asians parents are actually upset about this.

That formula is under fire at the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District in New Jersey. The district, which is 65 percent Asian, routinely produces seniors with perfect SAT scores, admissions to MIT and top prizes in international science competitions.

But many non-Asian parents are up in arms, complaining there’s too much pressure and their kids can’t compete. In response, this fall Superintendent David Aderhold apologized that school had become a “perpetual achievement machine.” Heaven forbid!

Aderhold canceled accelerated and enriched math courses for fourth and fifth grades, which were 90 percent Asian, and eliminated midterms and finals in high school.

Using a word that already strikes terror in the hearts of Asian parents, he said schools had to take a “holistic” approach. That’s the same euphemism Harvard uses to limit the number of Asians accepted and favor non-Asians.

Aderhold even lowered standards for playing in school music programs. Students have a “right to squeak,” he insisted. Never mind whether they practice.

If you want to understand the dangers of Liberalism, just let this information soak in a bit. Care to rethink Common Core?

There is no secret sauce here, as the thing that is making Asian kids smarter is good parenting. But Liberals can’t throw money at that, so they look for answers where the wallet is fattest.

For Liberals, the only solution is to punish Asians. Demand that their test scores be higher than others. Make life difficult for them, until their parents get it, and start dumbing them down. Who needs “curve busters,” when everybody is equally stupid.



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