The Left Would Deny They Have Mothers

The Left is full of deniers, yet they call us deniers. They say we deny climate change, when in fact we recognize climate change readily: it’s weather!

Yet, these Leftist morons deny Islamic terrorism. Here is a recent story, and let’s see if you can spot the clues.

In Philadelphia, a man dressed in a tunic was caught on video, where he ambushed a Philadelphia police officer, then shot the officer at point blank range. Thankfully the police officer survived the attack. The  shooter, 30 year old Edward Archer, confessed this to police:

“I pledge my allegiance to Islamic State, I follow Allah, and that is the reason I was called upon to do this.”


Archer had stolen a gun from the police to carry out jihad. Moreover, he implied that he carried out the attack on a police officer because they are responsible for upholding man-made laws; in other words of the Religion of Peace, the police are not practicing Sharia–what Muslims view as god’s law.

Despite all these “clues,” the newly elected Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney had this to say at the news conference:

“In no way, shape, or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam, or the teachings of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on that screen.”

How obtuse! The people of the city of Philadelphia just elected themselves a moron for a leader.

And what did Kenney decide to blame for the violence that had just occurred against one of his law enforcement officers? If you guessed guns, then you are keeping up.

Kenney went on to say that our Federal government needs to address that, as in that pesky Second Amendment. All that was missing was the JumboTron running behind him showing Obama crying.

Let’s forget the obvious, in your face declaration made by the perpetrator as to his motives, because this is a conspiracy!

Something for Kenney (and other Liberals to consider) Koran 9:5:

“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war…”

Mayor Kenney doesn’t possess the background to come before the people of Philadelphia, and declare Islam the religion of peace.

Muslims commit such these atrocities in the name of their wonderful, heartwarming faith, and the attackers are not obscure in the least about their affiliation with ISIS and other Muslim terror groups, as they declare their allegiance to Islam and Allah.

Americans are growing weary of the narrative of there being a “peaceful Islam,” and thankfully we will never sleep as long as the wolf of Islam is in our midst.

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