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Another billionaire might shake things up in the Election of 2016.

Aside from taking the “I make more money than God” bragging rights from The Donald, this new entrant would likely put a real scare into the Democrats.

It’s being reported that Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire and former New York mayor is considering making an independent bid for the presidency. Howard Schultz, billionaire founder of Starbucks threatened to enter then declined, but Bloomberg’s entry has real possibilities. And his bankroll makes The Donald’s look rather anemic in comparison.

Further, Bloomberg is just as old, just as white, and just as “moderate.” He’s the perfect Democrat-turned-Independent-turned-whatever-he-needs-to-be-to-win. Sounds suspiciously like somebody else running for president?

The optics of this are not good for Queen Hillary. Though Bloomberg would never admit it, he likely knows that the USS Hillary Clinton is about to sink. That said, the Liberal scuttlebutt is that Bloomberg’s entry is predicated on the possibility of having a “radical” Republican win, such as fellow New York billionaire Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), the two leaders of the GOP race heading into the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses.

The story of Bloomberg’s entry was floated on Saturday by the New York Times, and three associates supposedly said that several factors have convinced him that a run outside of the Republican and Democratic party processes is worth another look.

One thing is for sure, and that’s Bloomberg will spend a fortune to get what he wants.

He spent over $105 million to become mayor of New York City. No wonder The Donald chose to pass up that race, I suppose, given the size of Bloomberg’s financial “package.”

As for Bloomberg’s spending spree, why worry about burning through that kind of coin, when you have the Bloomberg blueprint for printing money? Negro please!

Bloomberg may be known for his limiting sodas to 16 ounces in New York and other nanny-state practices, but his real penchant is for looting the treasury. Check out his net worth over the years

Bloomberg apparently figured out where the money really is, and became mayor New York in 2002. It took him a few years to hit stride, but by 2007, he had the keys to vault. Look at these numbers:

2013 was the year Bloomberg turned the reins of New York City over to puppet de Blasio. Some say this was to keep from having to explain how he robbed the citizens of New York.

From $4.8 billion to $33 billion while WORKING a full-time job as mayor of New York? The way I see it, Bloomberg should have gotten into politics in 1996, when he was only worth $1 billion. Who knows what he’d be worth today?! We can guess however, since we have the 2015 numbers.

His 2015 net worth was 37.5B according to Forbes.

Things are going well for Bloomberg, I’d say. And if he can make that kind of coin as a mayor, imagine what he could make for himself as president. Have businessmen found the keys to the kingdom? We may soon get to analyze the Trump fortune.










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