No Bank Too Big To Fail No Democrat to Big to Jail

The Liberals will soon be at a critical juncture in their ideology, and they will have to answer the question, “How do we jail an icon?”

Hillary and Bill Clinton have poked the tiger for years. Anybody who believes that two of the most conniving cutthroat politicians on the planet did not work together to fleece the world is on Quaaludes.

I’m curious as to how the Democrats will handle the destruction that is coming their way? The genie won’t go back in the bottle on this one, but it’s not from a lack of trying.

The Clinton’s threw curveball after curveball to the American public in hopes we would drop the email issue. We haven’t.


Hillary Clinton was said to have “won” the battle of Benghazi, when she appeared a second time before Congress, a win declared, since Hillary didn’t make a Tourette’s-like utterance of

“What difference does it make?!”

All was well for a time, as the news cycles were eaten up by a variety of things, most recently Donald Trump.

Ahhh, but then there are those chickens. The ones who come home to roost.

The movie 13 Hours hasn’t helped. Talk about bad timing, and a good film to bring light that the horse the Republicans were kicking wasn’t dead.

Then again there are those pesky emails.

You must give the Clintons credit, as they have been masterful holding things off this long, particularly when you consider emails have a source and a destination. Imagine how much magic they have conjured up to get others to delete their email trails, thus providing cover for the Clintons?! However, with over 150 FBI agents now on the trail, somebody will crack.

In one of Hillary Clinton’s latest interviews by a “friendly” media, she looked like a woman about to crack. Here priceless answer was that of a weary warrior, at the end of a battle she has figured out is unwinnable.

Forget polls, which are not kind to Hillary. Look at her demeanor. Look at the people around her.

At her last campaign stop in IA, there were SIX people to greet her at the airport. The most popular woman in America, the Democrats’ Great White Hope, the “dead broke” woman with more money and power than God, and SIX people show up?

The Election of 2016 is now the Republicans’ race to lose. Thankfully the Tea Party won’t allow that to happen.

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