No Racist in the Foxhole

No racists in the foxholeWhat an ICONIC IMAGE! The irony is obvious, yet it is also hypocritical as well. That’s why I love it.

What this picture show is people can put aside their biases.

This Klansman found himself in a bad situation at a rally gone bad. American citizens were not happy with him and his fellow Klansmen spouting hatred, and the crowd grew very hostile.

Fearing for his life, the Klansman runs to the police for protection.

You can see where he the Klansman is standing, and how suddenly he doesn’t care about color, he cares about character.

Then look at the black cop. Stoic, determined, one-minded. He must be willing to protect a man who just minutes earlier was showcasing his hatred of him, based solely on his color. Yet the black cop does his job.

He doesn’t have to like it, and in fact he gives no thought to who the man is. HE REPRESENTS AMERICA!

Something tells me that Klansman was forever changed in that moment, when he learned that America won’t tolerate hatred. He also learned that he was wrong about black people. How many stories like this do you know, when people were forced into situations to confront their demons, and came out better?

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