The REAL America: Random Act of Kindness

The #BlackLivesMatter movement gets all the press, but it’s acts of kindness like this that get completely ignored.

To listen to the mainstream media, black people are thugs who are concerned with marching over nonsense like Michael Brown Jr getting himself killed, or some other meaningless stats skewed to obscure the real problem plaguing blacks.

But black people have always distributed amazing kindness. When you have overcome the type of inhumanities we have at the hands of racist Democrats, you understand all the people it took to help in that struggle. It’s practically in our DNA to see that struggle in others, those trying to just make it.

There are MILLIONS of acts of kindness that happen daily, acts that go almost completely ignored. The narrative of the Left doesn’t like to show the REAL America, since they want to remake her.

But this young black man’s decision to help a white woman in need is the REAL America. He didn’t look at her color and decide not to help her, he just saw a woman in distress.

Random act of kindness




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