Reince Priebus: Here’s How You Market the GOP

Vote Republican - Slavery billboardReince Priebus is as useless at a chocolate teapot. I have said for some time that guys like Priebus are so insignificant in their youth, that they long for power.

When they get power, they are so busy trying to hold on to it, they are ineffective. And that is exactly what Priebus has been.

The Tea Party movement has done the heavy lifting for the Republicans since 2008.

I was asked a while back to help the GOP market. After spending my own money and coming up with GREAT concepts, the GOP essentially backed out, and left me holding the bag. Their reason? My marketing might anger black Democrats. My marketing was said to be “too provocative.”

Here is one of the billboards we developed. I’d love to do more of these, but it take donations. If you think my team can move the needle, go here and DONATE.

Also, join TEA PARTY COMMUNITY, a group that is not afraid to challenge the status quo, and who is moving the needle!

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