This “Has Been” Republican Hack Had This to Say about Cruz and Trump

I love that Cruz and Trump are leading in the polls and the hearts and minds of most Republicans. The surge of these two presidential candidates drives establishment Republicans crazy.

In a recent edition of “Republican Sellouts”, we have Lindsey Graham speaking ill of the two front-runners. Graham, who was a shill for Jeb Bush failed miserably. As one person quipped of Graham’s presidential run, “I didn’t even run for president and I got more support than Lindsey Graham.”

As a Republican dropout or “flushout,” Graham should be going after Democrats, as he agreed to support the ultimate winner of the nomination. Instead, Graham said of Cruz and Trump that a selection of the two is [pp]”…death by poisoning or death by gun shot.”

And the Republicans can’t figure out what their problem is with the electorate. Forget reaching across the aisle, as these idiots aren’t even reaching inside their base.


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