Republican Senator Would Support Sanders Over Cruz?

The Republicans wonder why they are slowly becoming irrelevant? Here’s the answer.

No matter what the Tea Party does to help the Republican Party, these RINOS steadily insult us. They hate us, and they hate the leaders we send to show them the way. Establishment Republicans are so entrenched in their Liberalism, they don’t see the lifeline we constantly throw to them, as they are determined to drown.

Ted Cruz is so hated by some his fellow Republicans that Sen. Ricard Burr (R-NC) told supporters at a fundraiser for his reelection that he will support Bernie Sanders if Cruz wins the Republican nomination.

In this video, Burr has asked for Cruz’ comments during the debate to be reviewed for possible leaks of classified data.


As AP reported,

“Cruz has become such a pariah that one of his colleagues, Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, told supporters at a campaign fundraiser for his own re-election that he would vote for liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders for president before Cruz, according to one person who attended the event. Burr did not appear to be joking, said the person, who demanded anonymity to discuss the private gathering.”

We launched a Twitter campaign and went after Burr, who then subsequently denied saying this. AP sticks to their story, and we are continuing to go after Burr, as well as other establishment Republicans. The idea that any Republican would dislike Cruz because he’s not toeing the party line is ridiculous. Cruz was sent to the Senate to do exactly that.
We are well past time for Republicans to see what real leadership looks like.
Republicans use words like “honesty” and “integrity” in describing Bernie Sanders, while decrying Cruz, a man who has both in abundance. It is Burr who has no honesty or integrity, like many of his Republican conspirators. These people detest a man like Cruz who would dare represent the real owners of this country, the people.
I’m not one to put my faith in man, and certainly not a single man. But we need more men of character in order to get the Republican scumbags like Burr out of office, and my team will do all it can to help whoever runs against Burr.



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