SCOTUS to Rule: Will White People Get Revenge?

Affirmative Action implies positive change. The landmark legislation created by Republican Richard Nixon has helped many blacks get over the racism and civil rights devastation of Democrats, but now it has run its course.

Black people are firmly rooted in all aspects of society, and for those keeping score, black (Liberals) are now equally as racist as their brothers-in-arms, the Democrats.

For Affirmative Action proponents, I say this: If there is discrimination against blacks anywhere in America, please show me.

And it is for this reason, white people are seeking their revenge, dare I say “reparations!” As reported in the Washington Post, a white girl is suing the University of Texas for discrimination.

Lawyers opposed to affirmative action and representing Abigail Fisher, a white woman who was denied admission to UT and filed suit in 2008, said the lower court had ignored the Supreme Court’s instructions.

Fisher is represented by a tiny institute, the Project on Fair Representation, whose influence at the Supreme Court is great. On Tuesday, the justices considered a challenge to Texas’s redistricting plan to determine the meaning of “one person, one vote,” another project initiated by PFR Director Edward Blum.

Blum’s battle with the University of Texas goes back years. UT has a unique system. It admits about 75 percent of its freshmen based on their graduation rankings from Texas high schools, the “Top Ten” program. Because many of the state’s high schools are dominated by one race or ethnicity, that has created a diverse applicant pool.

For the remaining slots, it uses a “holistic” evaluation of applicants that includes race as one of many factors.

Fisher did not make the cutoff for automatic admission and contends the attempts to boost the number of African American and Hispanic students cost her a spot. (The university says she would not have made the cut regardless.) She subsequently graduated from Louisiana State University.

Any black who supports Affirmative Action today is admitting that they are sub-par to others. Affirmative Action has NEGATIVELY impacted Asians, and there have been few complaints. They will eventually, because to get into the same college, an Asian must score 1320 versus 1080 for blacks. That’s a very large gap.

Affirmative Action has dumped down black people, and quite frankly made us lazier at our jobs. There are many blacks who know the quota system is the only reason they get to keep their jobs, because they are less focused on excellence in their performance.

This young white woman will be the “Rosa Parks” of white people, and she is a pioneer for bringing back the meritocracy that built America.


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