Shocking: REAL Stats on Police Shootings

You can bet that anybody who is part of the Black Lives Matter movement couldn’t name you a single non-black person shot by the police. Further, they don’t know the real statistics, and even if they did, they wouldn’t care. The narrative of the Left is that cops are blood-thirsty villains looking to kill innocent young black men.

Well the real statistics are in, and can be viewed here. But don’t think this irrefutable data won’t be refuted, because there is just too much riding on the lies.

There were 980 police shootings, 490 were white, 255 were black, 167 Hispanic, 38 other, and 30 unknown. So more white people were shot than ALL other nationalities. For the War on Women crowd, here is a stat that will shock you: 939 of the police shooting were men, and only 41 were female.

Blacks account for 26 percent of the shootings. This looks bad, when you consider that blacks are 13 percent of the population. However when you look at the amount of crime committed by blacks, just over 50 percent, you see that blacks are actually shot less in relationship to crime committed. Whites on the other hand, are killed disproportionately to the both population and amount of crime pro rata.

In 779 of the shootings the person shot had a deadly weapon. In 53 cases, the car was the weapon. 33 times, the person had a toy weapon.

The most controversial data is that 91 people who were shot were unarmed. In reviewing these documented shootings, in most cases the victim either attacked an officer, resisted arrest, or ran. The data showcases that there is no overwhelming ethnicity of the victims, as there were a mixture of black, white, and Hispanic. The numbers are 31 white, 37 black, 18 Hispanic, 5 other.

37 of these shootings were based on officers responding to an “attack in progress,” while 49 were declared “other.”

The NY Post did a short summary as follows:

Last week, The Washington Post published a study of the police shootings that took place in 2015. Likely they intended the story to be shocking — as on Dec. 24, 965 people were killed by police! Instead, the report quells the notion that trigger-happy cops are out hunting for civilian victims, especially African-Americans. Among its key findings:

  • White cops shooting unarmed black men accounted for less than 4% of fatal police shootings.

  • In three-quarters of the incidents, cops were either under attack themselves or defending civilians. In other words, doing their jobs.

  • The majority of those killed were brandishing weapons, suicidal or mentally troubled or bolted when ordered to surrender.

  • Nearly a third of police shootings resulted from car chases that began with a minor traffic stop.



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