Why This Attack Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

I know a turd when I smell one, and this story of a Muslim man being attacked reeks of turd.

According to the NY Daily news,

Residents and community leaders expressed outrage over the weekend attack of a Muslim who was beaten by teens shouting “ISIS, ISIS.”

Mujibur Rahman, 43, a Bangladeshi man, was attacked in front of his horrified 9-year-old niece in the Bronx.

If teens in the Bronx attacked this Muslim, it wouldn’t have been because he’s Muslim. They might attack him because he’s HUMAN, and they want his money, his watch, or his cell phone. In other words, wrong place at the wrong time. But Muslims are rarely attacked for being Muslim.

The story doesn’t tell us the nationality of the teens, which is journalistic code for them being black. This is a very safe assumption, because there aren’t many weren’t white teens thugs or well-dressed Conservative men in Brooklyn attacking the friendly neighborhood Muslim.

Another clue about this story are his injuries, or should I say INJURY, as in SINGULAR. All the dude had was a black eye. That’s it! ONE black eye. He was at the hospital with ONE BLACK EYE. I realize in an attack, he could have sustained internal injuries but I doubt it.

This was a SET UP! Just like the Houston mosque being targeted by vandals, the vandals turned out to be the work of ONE man–another Muslim.

Muslims will start pulling these stunts all over the country, as they try to gain sympathy for their plight to establish a caliphate and cut off all our heads. But I will point out their ruse each and every time I find them.



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