The TrannyFest is Over

I know there is a god, and He is my only God, but if He is merciful, please stop Caitlyn!

I don’t care that Bruce-turned-Caitlyn wants to be a woman, but can You stop Google from putting stories about (s)he on my front page EVERY DAY!


Caitlyn poutFor the mother of all things holy, I don’t need to know that Caitlyn is working on her POUT!

Kylie Jenner knows how to take a good picture, but it looks like dad Caitlyn still has to work on her look.

Hanging out in her glam room, the teen-queen bonded with the 66-year-old in upcoming scenes from Keeping Up With The Kardashians as she reveals her ‘camera ready’ look.

“I don’t know what my look is,” Caitlyn admitted while sitting in front of Kylie’s huge mirror.


And before that it was something about Caitlyn misses being “boyish” with her father. Then don’t cut off your naughty bits, Bruce, and call yourself Caitlyn. I don’t care about the reality show, the day to day struggle (yeah right) of being paraded around like a trained tranny monkey. Speaking of which, I might actually care about the day to day of a tranny monkey!

Seriously, enough is enough. Just how “trans-accepting” does the Left want us or EXPECT us to be. Frankly, I want Holly Holm to kick the crap out of Caitlyn, and why not throw in Kanye West for good measure.

The trannyfest is over for me. I accept Caitlyn, now I just want her off my news feed. I think back on all the people who have come out, and I can’t remember anybody with this much press coverage. Caitlyn is Woman of the Year, likely Man of the Year, Tranny of the Year, and has received a host of other awards and accolades for having the guts to cut off his nuts and GO NUTS!

I think the awards are for anybody willing to become a woman this day and time. Consider Chaz Bono, the woman who became a man…NOTHING! Ostracized. But Caitlyn is the belle of the ball.

Say what you want, but Caitlyn is not beautiful, unless you count “Oprah pretty.” Anybody can be “made” pretty, but the reality is she’d better be beautiful on the inside, if we’re keeping it real.

Can you imagine the dude who decides to step on the mine and DATE CAIT!?




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