Trump: All Things to All Peoples

A typical refrain from ‘the Donald’ would be,

The Bible, I love the Bible, it’s my favorite book. I am going to see to it that nobody attacks the Bible when I am president.

Blacks, I love blacks. Blacks will do very well under a Trump administration. Blacks will be great again.

Donald Trump has managed to steal and perfect the Democrat tactic of being all things to all people. Over the past few election cycles I have been both amazed and perplexed at how Democrats pander to individual niches, with no crossover damage.

For example, Democrats tell Hispanics the Republicans hate immigrants, yet when George Zimmerman killed Travon Martin, Zimmerman was labeled a “white Hispanic” by blacks and the media with no blow back from the Hispanic community. Can’t go having those minorities attacking each other, when they could add “white” to the front of Hispanic, and all is well.

The National Organization for Women are for equality of the sexes and have been convinced by the Democrat Party that only Republicans can be misogynistic. This explains how Bill Clinton can rape and molest countless women and Anthony Weiner can belittle and devalue women with no condemnation from the NOW group. But let a Republican demand a woman pay for her own contraceptives and it’s a battle royale.


Blacks have easily been the longest victimized and most duped group of all Democrat niches. You know the drill, those racist Republicans are responsible for holding you back and denying you equal rights. So when Democrats abort millions of black babies, and run overwhelming black cities into financial ruin, creating double digit unemployment, and stratospheric poverty and crime, Republicans are blamed.

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Promise after promise broken by Democrats, yet no accountability by special interests at the ballot box.

Along comes Donald Trump, a man nobody would accuse of being stupid. Trump has lowered the bar. The Donald has managed to speak to all the hot button issues.

The Donald has promised to build a wall and end the illegal immigration problem, stop Muslim terrorists from entering the country, stop China from taking advantage of our trade policies, stop the attack on Christianity, take better care of blacks than Democrats, and stop abortion, and make women great again, all within the first week of office.

Don’t get me wrong, I would vote for The Donald if he were the nominee. But the Bible speaks of those having itching ears willing to believe anyone willing to say what they want to hear. I think it should give pause to Christians and conservatives alike to at least consider anyone who promises everything may simply be telling you only what you choose to hear.

In case you’re wondering what Trump has promised, here is a link to 76 campaign promises thus far, and we have a lot of months to go. As Trump would say,

“It’s gonna be great again!”

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