Trump Banned from Facebook?

I have written repeatedly about Facebook and its Gestapo tactics when it comes to Conservatives. Recently there was a post that showcased a pro-Palestine page and a pro-Israel page posted by the same people with the same incendiary messages. I don’t have to tell you which page was taken down and which page remains on Facebook.

Social media for the most part is owned by the Left, with the exception of Tea Party Community. People better begin moving their information to a source run by true Conservatives, or the Conservative message will undoubtedly disappear.

Consider how much time we invest in our Facebook pages, and the amount of power one Liberal lunatic like Zuckerberg has over us.


Here is an excerpt from Greedy Picks about the silencing of Trump supporters:

“Facebook just removed my non-offensive post defending Donald Trump and banned me from posting for 30 days”.

The illicit post read:

Donald Trump is not anti Muslim. He is anti ISIS. What Trump is trying to say is that Homeland Security can not differentiate which Muslim is radical (sic) wanting to cause harm and which is a harmless refugee. This is why nothing gets done. We are too busy being politically correct. Who is willing to sacrifice their family’s safety for the sake of political correctness? Are you? #TRUMP2016

The poster, abdolf noted in his thread’s comment section:

I admin fb pages for a living and moderators on these pages have the ability to remove certain comments and ban certain people from commenting again and I noticed a lot of liberal media fb pages use this when someone comments a dissenting opinion. This is different though, because despite liberal media sites being able to ban you from their page, this was Facebook itself that took action on my post and handed out a 30 day ban with it. I also can’t message any of my friends with this ban I’ve figured out. Wow.

Facebook maintains a set of community standards designed to prohibit threats of violence, bullying, hate speech, graphic content and nudity.

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