Welfare Mother of 11 Having Lavish Wedding in Vegas

If this story doesn’t outrage you, then you are a brain-dead moron, aka a Liberal. It’s really that simple.

How does a woman receive $60,000 a year, and then spend $14,000 of taxpayer money on a wedding in Vegas?

Even if this woman LIVED in Vegas, I’d be pissed.

If she’s getting married, she’s got a man; but that didn’t stop this British chick from pushing the envelope. And if you think this isn’t happening in America, you are delusional.

Meet London mother of 11 (going on 12) who receives just under $60,000 a year in benefits from the British government. She attracted worldwide attention when announcements of her plans to spend around $14,000 on a Las Vegas Wedding circulated, according to reports by Metro.

According to the San Francisco Gate,
Cheryl Prudham, 33, told reporters she will re-marry her ex husband, Robert 30. The couple divorced earlier this year after he confessed to “dirty talk” with another woman on Facebook, the Metro reported.
Prudham is scheduled to host her wedding at the Circus Circus hotel in Vegas in March, according to reports by the Daily Star. The wedding cost includes a $1400 designer gown, helicopter tours, a limo and shows, according to the Daily Star.
One source told reporters, “It’s the kind of trip they’ve also dreamed of so it’s no-expense spared. It’s the sort of luxury holiday most people with jobs could never afford,” the source told the Daily Star. 
The couple will leave their children home in the care of friends and relatives, according to the Daily Star. 
Just so we’re clear, the woman has a man. She likely “earns” more than he does, which was the attraction. That, and her obvious love of sex; but I digress.
The next thing we notice about the story is there is a “couple”, and the two players in this melodrama have a support system, as it’s not the government watching 11 kids.
The final humiliation is they are spending $14,000 of taxpayers money to get married in Vegas.
I’m sure there are Liberals applauding these thieves and all of their accomplices. This is the type of larceny that happens daily in countries where Liberalism is in full effect. America has far too many of these women living off the system, and any complaints about them elicits calls of racism or classism.
Ask me if I care. People like Prudham are lazy a-holes, who believe the world owes them a living. We don’t!


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