What a Cop Sees

Quick which is real & which is a toy_ (1)When you consider what the police go through, just consider your own job, and ask yourself, “Can anybody do it?

If you are trained at anything, you are likely good. The idea that anybody could step in and do your job means you have a menial job. Being a police is not a menial job. Even after training, the REAL training begins. So when considering the fraudulent #BlackLivesMatter movement, just remember that very few of these people would DARE do the job of police.

Police make mistakes. So do doctors, accountants, mechanics, and every other profession. Some mistakes cost you a life, while others cost you money. When cops make mistakes, some are fatal. But that doesn’t make the police bad.

So our team will fight for law enforcement, as we believe they are overwhelmingly GREAT people. We will condemn the bad cops, when they are showcased. Because TRUTH is TRUTH!

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