Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Answer This Question

Since when is asking a question about a politician’s past considered “heckling.”

Particularly when that politician opens the door to that line of questioning by unleashing her philandering pit bull of a husband.

Yet “heckling” is how the Washington Post described that scenario:

Heckler disrupts Hillary Clinton town hall over Bill Clinton’s sexual history

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a town hall meeting in Derry, N.H., on Sunday. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)DERRY, N.H. — One day before former president Bill Clinton arrives in New Hampshire to campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton, she was confronted with questions about allegations involving his sexual history at a town hall meeting in the state on Sunday.
State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R) repeatedly interrupted Clinton during the meeting, which was held in a middle school gymnasium
Prudhomme-O’Brien has for years followed the former first lady, peppering her with questions about allegations of past sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton. The state lawmaker’s outbursts startled an otherwise friendly and even-tempered town hall audience. It is unclear whether Clinton was able to hear her comments
After Prudhomme-O’Brien’s third interruption, Clinton responded angrily: “You are very rude, and I’m not ever going to call on you.”
Hillary Clinton will not be able to escape these questions later, despite a complicit media that is willing to pander to her campaign. So the subject of Bill Clinton will come up again.I suspect that women are not nearly as Hillary-friendly or Bill-friendly as the media would like us to believe. This latest incident showcases an undercurrent of backlash that has to have the Democrats worried.The article continues,

Later, Prudhomme-O’Brien told reporters that she wanted to raise the issue of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct and was incensed by “the hypocrisy of the so-called women fighting for women.”

Pat Buchanan predicted that Hillary Clinton will drop discussing any women’s issues with Trump, and others predict that she will drop the discussion altogether. That doesn’t leave Hillary with much, particularly given how #BlackLivesMatter appears to be turning on the Democrats, certainly on Rahm Emanuel.

Hillary Clinton has many questions she will try to avoid. I can’t wait for Hillary Clinton to be in the spotlight to answer the question about Bill Clinton’s War on Women. She won’t have the right-wing conspiracy to hide behind this time.



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