Why Hispanics are Ridiculing Hillary Clinton

There is literally no end to the pandering that Democrats will do to get elected, and Hillary Clinton is taking it to a new low.

She has used women, Muslim, of course blacks, and and now she is “hispandering.”

Fresh off the Kwanzaa fiasco, the Clinton campaign tried to make Hillary more palatable to Mexicans. In her latest “hispandering,” Hillary went just short of rolling herself in a flour tortilla and calling herself “Flauta,” Newly minted grandmother to Chelsea’s baby (and one on the way), Hillary has decided that being grandmother to a white baby isn’t going to cut it. She needs to become grandmother to all Mexican children.

As reported by Sam Sanders of National Public Radio, “Everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton is a grandmother. But some aren’t so sure she’s an abuela.

“This week, Hillary Clinton’s team put up a post up on her website called “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela” (the Spanish word for grandmother). The Democratic presidential candidate “does things like worry about children everywhere and isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of respecting women.”

Sanders added: “The post contains a picture of Clinton with Marc Anthony, the famous Latino singer,” but “some online thought it missed the mark. They even called it ‘hispandering.’”

As with blacks, Hispanics are beginning to see through the ruse of the Democrats. Hillary Clinton has the finesse of a pig on roller skates, so the Democrats can expect even more of these snafus.

Hillary Clinton is not the abuela of Hispanics. She will soon be back in the private sector playing grandmother full time, thanks to the greatness of patriotic Americans.


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