A Hollywood Backfire

Amy Schumer is a vile human being, and very typical Leftist woman. She will spend most of her life wondering why she’s so miserable, and finally trick some “last resort” guy into a meaningless relationship.

For him, he will lead a life of quiet desperation, like most of the Leftist eunuchs who marry braindead feminist.

As for Schumer, she will believe she has found happiness as she attempts to disrobe from whatever past she may have layered herself in. In the case of Schumer, her wardrobe is proud slut.

Her word, not mine.

So as reported by PJ Media, when a young film critic poked fun at Schumer’s persona, she didn’t take it very well.

Comedy actress Amy Schumer (Trainwreck, 2015) arguably overreacted to teenageYouTube film critic Jackson Murphy, who tweeted his triumph in spending the night with her. Schumer’s self-deprecating humor often involves her making fun of how awkward and promiscuous she is. Nevertheless, the powerful celebrity attacked the critic essentially for “slut-shaming” her—herself a self-identified slut.

In a now-deleted tweet, Murphy shared a photo with Schumer, bragging, “Spent the night with @amyschumer. Probably not the first guy to write that #CriticsChoiceAwards.”

Murphy’s 5,000 twitter followers may have had a laugh, but Amy Schumer definitely did not.

Schumer responded curtly: “I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you. Hi to your dad.”

Image: Twitter ScreenshotImage: Twitter Screenshot

In 2009, Schumer declared “OMG I’m such a slut!” On the very night when she posed for the photo with Jackson Murphy, she accepted a Best Actress in a Comedy award for her role in the Judd Apatow film Trainwreck, where she played a promiscuous woman in her thirties who moves from partner to partner because she has unrealistic expectations and is unwilling to settle down.

Talk about type-casting!

I wrote about her a while back, as she was finally able to accept the fact that she’s not a Victoria’s Secret model, and that fat chicks can get work in Hollyweird. In other words, Amy was being a slut, because she was ashamed of being fat.

I’m rarely surprised to learn of the bizarre pathologies of the Left. They hate God, they hate their parents, and they are all frauds. They ignore the deeper meanings of themselves and where that inner strength originates, so they crumble at the first sign of trouble.


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