Attacked By the Intolerant Left

I started a mock Facebook page celebrating the NOT Gay Movement. The reason I did this a few years ago was to bring attention the incessant need for gay people to “come out,” and the utter ridiculousness of the reaction by the Left.

A bench-sitter athlete came out in the NBA, and Obama talked about his “courage.” Then it was Michael Sam, and a host of Hollyweirdos in his wake.

Each time it was their “courage,” as if we live in a time when nobody knows about gays.

These people have initials, banned words that no NOT Gay person dare speak, a Gay mafia in Congress. They practically own the Entertainment industry, make something like 20 percent more than the NOT Gay, and much more than blacks.

Gays are oppressed mostly by themselves. They stay “in the closet” and blame society for how we supposedly deal with them. Their insecurities are transferred to us, as if we are anachronisms from the 1920s.

Back to the NOT Gays.

We posted a graphic on our Facebook page that drew millions to the page. We increased our numbers by 400 percent, and the Left came with hate. I chronicled the various messages, just so I could prove how the Left behaves when they disagree with something. The “something” in this case is a page dedicated to the NOT Gays loving each other, just not in that “gay” way!

Scroll through the messages by using your right arrow key, or by clicking the arrows below.

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