Black Entertainer Says He’s Broke: Ask Rich White Man for Help?

File this under #BlackHipHopMatters.

Kanye West, the musician, poet, haberdasher, and bon vivant who wants to run for president in 2020 is broke.

According to him, he’s not Hillary Clinton “dead broke,” he’s “black people broke”, as he claims to have a personal debt of $53 million.

You can’t keep a Kardashian being that broke, now can you! Interestingly enough, Kim was with one of the West children eating at a trendy restaurant, as the news broke that they are broke.

So Kanye had a great idea, sure to go over well in black Liberal circles: beg a wealthy white man for help.

It should be noted that Kanye did NOT reach out to Jay-Z and B for financial helps, because as Jay-Z has famously said, “My presence is my charity.”

Kanye waited for Z-man, then about 12 hours later tweeted this.

This was quickly followed up by the “guilt trip” tweet.

Apparently if you play Kanye’s music and are into his art, they you owe him more than the fee it cost to PURCHASE his merchandise. He gets a residual on your income. Ok, I get it!

And that tweet was quickly followed up with Kanye leveraging the WORLD to “guilt trip” Zuckerberg.

A black egomaniac who is obviously deranged makes a public plea for a guy he’s likely never met to bail him out. Yet another example of the black condition.

For all the fools out there admiring Kanye West, take heed. This is your destiny. Wasted talent, so caught up in “change he can believe in,” that he can’t pay his bills.



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