#BlackLivesMatter May Not Like This News

The Left rarely has to pay for their malfeasance.

Usually they are looking in the rearview mirror when the fallout from their activities occurs.

So when I read that the a University of Missouri official reported that about $2 million in donations have been lost in fallout from the Columbia campus unrest last fall, I was ecstatic. It’s way past due for the Left to get hit in the pocketbook for the nonsense they promote.

I suggest they send the bill to #BlackLivesMatter, and maybe they can go on Twitter and beg Zuckerberg to pay it for them, #Kanye!

The story continued,

Vice Chancellor for Advancement Tom Hiles said Thursday that several donors who had pledged money to the university have pulled back their pledges. He says most of the lost donations were from seven to 10 donors.

Perhaps with more moves like this by donors (likely Conservatives) will make universities take a more firm stance when ignorant students attempt to pull the race card. The idea that two men lost their jobs over what amount to nuisance issues to a few student; isolated instances that shouldn’t have never seen the light of day.

I don’t know who these donors are, but they are more than welcome to help finance my work. We will never capitulate to political correctness, and will fight to make sure that Americans keep our God-given rights.




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