Can Trump Clear This Hurdle?

Trump is now belly-aching about his loss to Ted Cruz, actually accusing Cruz of cheating.

Trump must define cheating as actually taking a political race seriously, since the second smarted guy next to Obama couldn’t figure out what it took to win. I’m no billionaire CEO, but I think a Trump victory was a simple matter of “ups.”

Get up, show up, and follow up!

Cruz developed a ground game that proved itself a winning formula in Iowa. Cruz had somebody at all 700+ caucus locations, advertised, and spent time there. Oh, and he showed up to the last debate.

Trump ran on cult of personality. And why not? It had worked so well in the theoretical world of polls.

When asked if he made mistakes in Iowa, Trump didn’t answer directly; but admits he perhaps should have spent more money and time in Iowa. Also, maybe he should not have skipped the debate. Oh, and the guy who spent both time and money in Iowa cheated!

Trump believed the hype, and he believed the polls. As reported in the Huffington Post:

Late last week, NBC News released a poll declaring, “Trump More Than Doubles National Lead.” Similar headlines across the national press made it seem inevitable that businessman and entertainer Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination for president. Despite warnings that these national primary polls are meaningless, Trump’s dominance should be worth something, right?

Trump actually believes he is manipulating the media. In his first real test, he found out exactly what McCain found out: the media doesn’t care about anybody who runs as a Republican, even real-estate, reality star billionaire Donald Trump. He is fodder. Good for ratings.

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And if Trump thinks the news and polls were bad in Iowa, just wait until he sees what’s coming next. NBC in this case is providing the Trump campaign with some poll numbers they should heed.

Republicans support for each other

NBC and The Wall Street Journal, in addition to asking respondents to pick their favorite candidate, have been asking a much more interesting question since last March — whether respondents could see themselves supporting each individual candidate.

As the chart (poll) suggests, Cruz leads the pack in the “could support” category, and has the smallest “could not support” number.

Trump is comfortably in 3rd place in this poll. I don’t suspect he will reference this poll, but he’d better heed it. Now that he has shown that he’s beatable, these number will likely worsen for him, particularly is he continues showing signs of desperation.

Cruz is a cheater, because he’s Canadian!


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