Christie Exposed Rubio BAD

I think Rubio is a talented young man, and he will have a good career in politics. But, I don’t feel he’s ready to be president, and the ABC GOP debate showcased that immensely.

Chris Christie exposed Rubio as the boy on the stage.

I’m no Christie fan, but he’s finally back in form, and he’s set his sights on Rubio, and indirectly Cruz. I’m sure some of you are wondering why Christie hasn’t mentioned Cruz in his “first term senator” attacks on Rubio. More on that in a bit.

Even Jeb Bush got in on the fray when asked what Rubio has done in the Senate, and Bush responded succinctly, “Nothing.”


By far the best jousting of the evening came with the Rubio/Christie exchange. I disagree with Christie that only a governor should be president, because governors do have responsibility to keep things running no matter what. However he uses that point effectively in rebuking Rubio.

But the best job Christie did in exposing Rubio was most evident in that exchange, when Rubio at least THREE times goes back to the “talking points” that were repeated from every debate he’s had. Rubio has been told to end whatever question he has with an attack on Obama or Hillary Clinton, and occasionally Bernie Sanders. Though we can all agree that Obama has been worse than watching Rosie O’Donnell model bikinis, Rubio’s constant droning about it is like knowing the punchline of a joke, then hearing the joke again…for the umpteenth time.

Christie exposed Rubio’s inability to think on his feet, and his need to “come home to Mama” with that tried and true, red meat for Conservatives, “We need to repudiate Barack Obama!”

After the Iowa debate when Rubio was running high. I warned people who were smitten that I had seen Rubio’s speech, and the first time it was inspiring. After seeing him for the fifth time however, and hearing the SAME speech, I understood his modis operandi. That’s all he has, and he has demonstrated that same approach ALL the debates.

Rubio’s final stab at the “safety net” response felt out of place, so much so, one could easily spot the discomfort in Rubio’s face. In his defense, he recovered to a point; but mortal damage was inflicted by Christie.

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