Classless Characterless Cam Newton

The politics of football showed clearly in the Super Bowl. One of America’s richest black babies show his lack of character on the field, as well as off.

On the field, Newton had the chance to show he was ALL IN for the win, but here is what he did.

That’s tanking it, BIG TIME!

People questioned me about coming down hard on this big rich black whiner, and I told them that Cam Newton showcased that he has no CHARACTER in his off field antics. I further commented that you show me a person with no character, and I will show you a person with no heart.

When the going gets tough, those with no character or heart fold like a cheap lawn chair.

Given the chance to redeem himself, this prima donna sissy, showed that he’s a bigger loser off the field than he is ON IT, as this Twitter video suggests.

This is the type of person Liberals have created. Newton is happy when people are fawning all over him, and praising him. But he can’t handle not delivering. And it wasn’t just his anemic offensive line who didn’t show up, as Newton himself thought #BlackQBMatter, and he was going to get that trophy. Isn’t that what Jada Pinkett-Smith promised him?




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