Gallery: Democrats Need an Escape Plan from Hillary Clinton

Feel The Bern!Hillary Clinton is finally getting a fight from the Socialist Bernie Sanders.

That fight has been long overdue.

As Trump commented recently, [pp] “Bernie Sanders isn’t putting up a fight at all. I’m not sure what he’s doing, but it looks like he wants to lose.”

I have likened Sanders to the rabbit in a track and field meet. The rabbit is the pace-setter, trained to run at a certain speed, so the real racers behind him or her stay on a particular pace. Ultimately the rabbit drops out of the race, as the other racers pass and go on to glory.

Sanders was undoubtedly picked as the rabbit for the Democrats. He was planted in the race to set the pace, and make Hillary Clinton look good. A pure Socialist would make Hillary Clinton look like a breath of fresh air. And the fact that Sanders is old and Jewish couldn’t help. That’s one unattractive rabbit, politically speaking, enough so that Hillary Clinton would look like a Victoria’s Secret model in comparison.

What happened with Bernie is something that very rarely happens with a rabbit. Occasionally the rabbit decides to finish the race. And even more rare, the rabbit has indeed WON the race!

It’s refreshing to see the Democrats prove that they are now the Socialist Party, as Hillary and Bernie fight it out for who can give the most. The Democrats are in a race to the death, as they showcase who can run the fastest to the Left.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the “moderate,” the centrist compared to Bernie. But it is he who is resonating, and the Democrats are in fear for their political lives!

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