Discrimination Against White Police Cost City over HOW MUCH?

Pretty soon we will all make a living with lawsuits. Discrimination Against White Police has cost the city over $800,000.

It take very little for black Liberals to sue for discrimination. In one case, a woman who worked for a major company was habitually late, left habitually early, and was a bad employee when she was working. The company finally had enough and fired her. She sued. Brought in Jesse Jackson, and even he left after reviewing all the evidence.

Frivolous race lawsuits have become the norm with a black man suing McDonald’s over receiving only ONE napkin.

But turnabout may be here, and America may have finally reached equilibrium. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a St. Louis police sergeant who won a racial discrimination case over a police academy promotion will be paid the $620,000 he won in a federal lawsuit, plus $172,000 in attorney’s fees.

And the city is stuck like Chuck, as a federal appeals court has declined to reconsider the case, leaving the city no more chances to appeal.

The case involves Sgt. David Bonenberger, a white police officer who filed the suit in 2012, saying he was passed over for assistant director. The suit alleged that then-director Lt. Michael Muxo told Bonenberger not to apply for the job because it was going to a black woman under the orders of Lt. Col. Reggie Harris, who’s also black.

The reason Bonenberger won was it was determined that Muxo and Harris were found to have conspired to commit discrimination.

I know that America is tired of cases like these. We need to go back to the America that overcame the racism of Democrats, and let people EARN their positions. The reason America is failing is we continue to allow incompetents to ascend to higher and higher positions.

Regardless of color, a person should be the best person in line for the job.



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