Donald Trump: Fatal Attraction?

I’m reaching the tipping point with Trump supporters who worship at the altar of Trump, and I’d like to start selling them blue dresses.

Geez, can you critique this man in any way, without catching holy hell? The vitriol and venom that comes from these zealots is rivaled only by Leftist fanatics for Obama!

The Trump phenomenon reminds me of the movie Fatal Attraction.

Fatal Attraction First LookThe Trumpettes are Michael Douglas, and they attend a party where Trump, played by Glenn Close appears.

She’s seductive, and casts an alluring glance from a distance that gets the Trumpette’s attention.




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Fatal Attraction lunch sceneBy happenstance they bump into each other at a business event, and decide on lunch. It is clear at lunch that the Trumpette’s wife is out of town for the weekend, and though he is married and feigning indifference, he is interested.

Trump looks at the Trumpette devilishly, to which he asks, “What?!”

Trump replies rather seductively, “I’m just debating whether or not I want to take you home.”








Fatal Attraction the endYou know the rest, boiling pet rabbit and all!

This latest “publicity stunt” from the man who needs no publicity reinforces what bothers me and many others about Trump. If things don’t go his way, he acts like a baby.













He wants Megyn Kelly gone, so Roger Ailes should simply capitulate.

Mine’s bigger than yours, Roger!”

At least his bank account is.

If Trump cares about America and his people, who moderates shouldn’t make a difference. Further, Megyn Kelly was right in her question to Donald Trump, and she ultimately did Trump, Conservative men, and Republican eunuchs a favor by forcing Trump to confront his statements about women. Who better that the world’s greatest showman!

Hillary Clinton practically had to rewrite her strategy after this, and Trump ended up not looking too bad with women. No harm no foul.

But now these childish, repeat childish antics. And I can hear Trump now quoting the Nielson (or whatever) ratings, by categories.

“More blacks watched MY debate, more women watched me than Megyn Kelly, who nobody likes, by the way. And what about Ted Cruz and his eligibility and that looooaaaannn. Ted is bought and paid for. I know, I used to buy these people.”

Trumpettes say we shouldn’t see this as narcissism, but as being a shrew negotiator. Trump is changing the rules, they say. BS.

Tell yourselves whatever you need; this is pure unadulterated egomania, and a big reason people believe Trump will be worse than Obama. Worship me, or get the wrath of The Donald.

Trump says often, “I don’t need to listen to anybody.” And he doesn’t, which is exactly what makes him dangerous.

Fatal Attraction lamp scenePersonally, I hope this is the BEST debate in both substance and ratings. I predict most of the people will ignore Trump’s absence, which will likely leave him fuming like Glenn Close in the lamp scene where she keep flicking the light.

Trumps antics are classic, “I will not be IGNORED!” Well he is being ignored. He might soon need to get used to it.

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