Truth: Feminists Deprive Children of This

Despite what the feminist movement says, fathers are important.

This scene is from an episode of Jenny Jones, and showcases children behaving badly. I’ve watched more of these shows than I should likely admit, and what I have NEVER seen is a father with his child on the show, though I’m not saying there hasn’t been. What I can say definitely is these shows are replete with single mothers, who can’t control their children.

In this show, a drill Sergeant who runs a bootcamp is brought on to scare the daylights out of these kids, who are in obvious trouble.

He starts talking to this little boy, telling him that if he doesn’t shape up, the kid will be sent to boot camp. He asks him, “Do you want me to be your father?!”


The little boy surprises everybody with his response, and there weren’t many dry eyes after he answers.

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