Ferguson: The Cost of Obama’s Racism

In the aftermath of the shooting and subsequent protests and riots, the Department of “Justice” swooped in on Ferguson and looked at the police department and the city government, all at taxpayer expense to uncover the issues related to the death of a black thug robbing a store, then being killed by a police officer he attacked.

Surely racism was the motivation factor in the store owner/clerk not simply giving Michael Brown, Jr the product. This was accompanied by the racist act of phoning in the crime, which of course led to the racist cop shooting and killing Brown, and not merely allowing himself to be killed by the gentle giant on his way to college.

So with this as the backdrop, the DOJ had the responsibility to look deeply into the police and city of Ferguson, so that incidents like this will never occur again.

In the interim, the city tried to self-correct.

City council elections were held, and a number of black candidates were elected giving the city council a much more “fair” accurate representation of the population of Ferguson. It seemed that Ferguson blacks finally awakened to the reality that they could vote, as white people obviously conspired to keep this information from them.

Despite Ferguson’s efforts to colorize, cure its own ills, as it were, DOJ brought down the hammer of Thor on Ferguson. An agreement was reached–under duress–between the City and the DOJ, and the agreement included some rather pricey suggestions for a city with around 21,000 residents, most of whom are working class.

The agreement required raises for police, as well as more police training. The salary increase a pre-emptive measure, since Ferguson will also want to colorize the police department, as it had the city council.

The agreement required the employment of an independent monitor.

Because of damage done during protesting and riots, Ferguson currently has a budget deficit of $2.5 million and the changes would require a tax hike. At a recent city council meeting, angry residents voiced their opinions and the now mostly black city council voted to reject the deal.

Because of this, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Obama DOJ is suing the city of Ferguson over the rejection of this deal. The verdict is in, the penalties levied, thus yea verily it will be paid…by the 67 percent black people population, and the median income is approximately $39,000.

Are these not the very folks that Loretta Lynch says “have been waiting decades for justice?”

Despite the lawsuit, Ferguson says they will continue to implement changes. Will they be able to do so before the legal bills start rolling in?

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