Finally Government Sued Over Refugees in America

Conservatives are well known for being extremely educated on the issues, and no one can say there has been a lack of knowledge about the national security risks and economic problems that refugees bring to our communities.

Patriotic Americans usually call, fax or email their legislators to complain. However, when that doesn’t bring change (and it usually doesn’t) most people just complain.

That wasn’t the case for Walter “Brian” Bilbro, a husband and father of two, who has filed a lawsuit against Governor [score]Nikki Haley[/score], the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS), Lutheran Services and World Relief of Spartanburg.

The allegations in the lawsuit seek equitable and other relief to stop the State 2016 Refugee Resettlement Plan. In simple terms, Bilbro wants to prevent the state from settling any more refugees or asylum seekers until a full accounting of the Federal, state, and county monies being allocated for this program are fully investigated.

Bilbro alleges in pleadings filed by Attorney Lauren Martel on February 12 case # 2016-CP-40- 00918, that the Defendants are placing him and his family in imminent risk, personally and financially. The placement of refugees and asylum seekers into Richland County–where the plaintiff has vested interests– and in other areas in South Carolina are concerning. Those concerns are supported by documentation from several expert witnesses that give credence to Bilbro’s decisive move to bring legal action against the co-defendants.

In addition, Bilbro seeks to stop the Family Court from being used by asylum seekers as a way to circumvent the vetting process, as it encourages border smuggling of children and further criminal acts. According to an expert witness in the case, Jessica Vaughn, Center For Immigration studies, Affidavit, Page 2, states:

“Federal sources, including Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) indicate that the majority of new illegal arrival from Central America, including the unaccompanied minors, are not coming to seek safe haven from persecution or civil war (the legal definition of a refugee) but to join friends and family already here in the United States (usually without legal status).

It is widely acknowledged that the families of most, if not all, of these minors have contracted with smuggling organizations to bring minors to the United States. The smuggling organizations understand that the minors will be taken into Federal government custody and then delivered safely to their destination by federally-funded resettlement contractors. The minors are coached on what to say to U.S. authorities and how the process works.”

Vaughn continues,

“The government and its contractors do not conduct background checks on the individuals who volunteer to serve as sponsors for the minors. Claims of family or non-family relationships rarely are authenticated with verifiable documentation, such as original birth certificates, DNA testing, or other means. The establishment of relationships is essentially done through the honor system.”

The most used verification process? The honor system.

This vetting process for the unaccompanied minors sounds eerily similar to the one applied to refugees from Syria and other terrorist nations who will be admitted by the thousands this year, with estimates between 65,000 to 100,000 within the next few years.

Interestingly, Gov. Haley was quoted in August 2015, as to her reasoning behind not wanting GITMO detainees in SC has this to say:

“We are absolutely drawing a line that we are not going to allow any terrorists to come into South Carolina. We are not going to allow that kind of threat. We’re not going to allow that kind of character to come in…This is a slap in the face to the people in South Carolina who have sacrificed so much for this country… To turn around and say that you are going (to) put these terrorists in our backyards.”

In my opinion, this is in essence exactly what the Refugee Resettlement Program does. If the highest intelligence officers in the country, FBI director Coomey, and Defense Intelligence Agency director Stewart say that the Syrian refugees cannot be vetted and that ISIS will attempt direct attacks in 2016, prudence demands a halt to the program that settles immigrants from a country riddled with terrorists.

In addition, the refugee and asylum seeker program of SCDSS not only involves child smuggling, drug smuggling connections, and national security risks, but it is also unsustainable economically according to expert Paul Sutliff, author and researcher.

Sutliff states in Affidavit-Sutliff, page 5,

“The South Carolina Plan does not address who pays for those who after 12 months have had their status mandatorily adjusted to Permanent Resident Alien. This cost is necessarily passed off to the South Carolina taxpayer.”

Bilbro is pursuing the only course of action remaining, when a taxpaying citizen of the United States is faced with legislators who do not listen, and/or vote in ways that would protect American citizens. In fact, any legislator or elected official who isn’t actively seeking to stop the Refugee Resettlement program fails in their Constitutional duty to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for their constituents.

To see the clear and present danger it presents, as well as the economic burden placed on the backs of hard-working citizens and to continue leading Americans into harms way is undoubtedly grounds for a lawsuit.

I commend Bilbro for taking the necessary step that many Conservatives need to take when confronted with legislators who have no regard for our well-being. Perhaps more of us should take heed of his courage.

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