This is a Great Reason to Sue a Hotel Chain

Imagine going out for a night on the town, then checking into your hotel room to sleep. Routine so far, right?

You awake the next morning, sleeping by a 9-year old girl.

Setup?! Was she at the bar? Is this some Chris Angel magic trick that will land you in PRISON!?

It was none of that. You were issued the wrong room key ended up in a room in bed with a young girl.

That’s what happened to Daniel Hughes, who walked into the wrong hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton after a night of drinking and he was given the wrong key by a hotel clerk.

And if things couldn’t get any worse, Hughes was CRIMINALLY CHARGED!

He was eventually found not guilty on those charges and is now suing the Ritz for the role they played in what took place that evening.

As a result of the criminal charges, Hughes lost his job as a top executive at Enterprise. According to the story, Hughes made close to $1 million a year! I’m not sure all that has happened to Hughes since 2011, when this incident occurred. But you can bet it hasn’t been good. Let’s just say they don’t call jail the “pokey” for nothing.

Hughes’ attorney, Barry Cohen said,

“His economic damages are close to 30 million dollars and the ruining of his life is worth a lot of money on that economic end so this is a very, very big case we are not talking about three or four million dollars, were are talking about many millions because they absolutely ruined this man.”

According to Cohen, the Ritz Carlton didn’t bother to check Hughes’ ID, nor did they escort him to his room for his own protection, given his state.

There is a bigger question: where were the PARENTS OF THE LITTLE GIRL?!

How could a grown man stumble into their room late at night, drunk, and crawl into bed with their daughter and they not notice it? Were these people DEAF?!

{I apologize for not giving a trigger warning on the microaggression against the hearing-impaired}

I’m thinking the next lawsuit will be from the parents of this child…once they find them. You KNOW this child was parented by Liberals. They were likely at the same bar with Hughes, and got sent to the wrong room as well.



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