Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit During Campaign Speech

Hillary Clinton spews lies. And her recent coughing fit reminded me of the scene from The Devil’s Advocate where the voodoo priest put a curse on the prosecutor in his case, and he was completely unable to speak.

Hillary Clinton is about to go into how she will help the black community, when the coughing fit occurs.

What’s most funny about this video are the comments, things like: It’s the Devil trying to get out. Another wrote channeling Donald Trump, “She has low energy!”

Some of the other comments that are pretty funny are those referencing her age. After all, Hillary is 69 years old, and will be the big 7-0 soon. A septuagenarian, only a couple years from a white woman’s typical expiration date.

Lucky for her, the other old white Democrat is past his expiration date, although he has lived a life of leisure living off the efforts of others.


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