Hillary Clinton’s Honesty Problem

Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is a lying shrew.

Whether it’s her demonizing of Bill Clinton’s victims, or her insatiable craving for power, Clinton has ruined many lives.

With that past, she can do one thing, and one thing well when seeking to become president: lie.

As the Washington Post reports,

Hillary Clinton has an honesty problem.

That point is driven home hard in the exit poll following Clinton’s 22-point drubbing at the hands of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.  More than one in three (34 percent) of all New Hampshire Democratic primary voters said that honesty was the most important trait in their decision on which candidate to support.  Of that bloc, Sanders won 92 percent of their votes as compared to just 6 percent for Clinton.

Ninety two to six.  That is absolutely unbelievable — even given the size of Sanders’s overall victory in the state. And it should be deeply concerning to a Clinton campaign that has been resistant to acknowledging the idea that the ongoing controversy over Clinton’s private email server while at the State Department is a problem for her.

Clinton’s standard response on questions about her honesty — or about her long-running polling problems on questions of whether she is honest and trustworthy — is that it has zero to do with her and how she has acted in and out of office but rather is the result of sustained decades of attack on her by Republicans.

Clinton got so desperate that she referenced science:

“Read behavioral science, read psychology,” Clinton told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow this week. “Even when all the attacks prove to be unfounded, untrue, it leaves a residue.”  She added: “There is a concerted effort to try to make partisan advantage by really trying to throw so much at me that even if little splotches of it stick, it will cloud peoples’s judgment of me. That is a burden I carry.”

Republicans disagree with Clinton, but they aren’t going after her for that. They are after her for things like Benghazi, where she was derelict in her duties. And Republicans didn’t set up her server or send her classified information. That’s a mistake she finally was cornered enough to admit.

In other words, Clinton is lying about her defense.

Not just Republicans are seeing this, as the earlier poll numbers from New Hampshire suggest.

Hillary Clinton believes these formerly tried and true Clintonian tactics will work. The problems are that these are Bill Clinton tactics, not Hillary’s. Further, Bill Clinton is yesterday’s Teflon, flaking in the skillet.

Democrats know this, and this is why Sanders is surging, Bloomberg and Biden are considering entering the presidential fray, and why there will be a Republican president in 2016.


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