How Trump Could Have Become President but Won’t

Trump got beat in Iowa. I predicted it.

Trump brags about paying for his own campaign, but he didn’t have a fraction of the people on the ground that Ted Cruz had. Trump felt that bluster was the way to win. His bigger than life personality would be the reason people came out en masse. They did. Just not all for him.

Trump and his campaign had to be shocked by the outcome, the same way Trump’s campaign manager said that the FOX debate without Trump would get between 1 to 2 million viewer. It got 14 million.

I heard one pundit try to provide cover for Trump, as he reported that Trump never said he was going to win Iowa. That’s not true.

But there was a way for Trump to not only win Iowa, but to actually win the presidency, but Trump blew it.

In a series of recent blunders, the biggest was missing the FOX News debate. Trump yet again made an issue of Megyn Kelly, a consummate professional who did a great job in the first debate with Trump. Trump rode a wave of support after what Trump supporters believed was unfair treatment. Trump figured skipping the debate would be “good media.”

Pundits and Trump supporters alike said not showing up to the debate was a good strategic move for Trump. They said he was manipulating the media for his own purposes, and he was “crazy like I fox,” pardon the media pun.

However, as I and many other predicted, missing the debate was a huge mistake. Trump was not going to defeat the media, and in this case an outlet that had been very friendly to him.

Forget just not showing up to the fight. The bigger issue centered around Trump playing Copernicus: the world revolves around him; or so he thought. Therein lies Trump’s biggest issue, and the reason why he will never be president as a Republican.

Democrats like egomaniacs, and in fact CREATE them readily. On the other hand, Conservatives like electing people they believe have their egos in check. For Trump to be president as a Republican requires him to humble himself.

He missed that opportunity with FOX News. Then he missed it again with Iowans. If Trump had stopped with the stump speeches, and simply said to Iowans, every day hard-working Americans,

“You know…people perceive me as some sort of megalomaniac. In business, I accept that description. But I reject that moniker in this pursuit. This one is not about me…it’s about YOU!

I really want this for you, not me. I think you would say that I’ve been pretty successful. Neither money nor power is my goal, as I have both. But I’m tired of watching America run by amateurs. I think you’re tired of it too. I will run for ONE term, and pick a VP who will be a great successor. But I put my fate in YOUR hands.”

Trump has NEVER shown humility. Well he got humbled. Not only did he lose to Cruz, but Rubio came dangerously close to moving him into third place. What America witnessed in Iowa was the people humbling Donald Trump.

Many people will be curious as how Trump handles the inevitable fall. I know there will be doubters; people who think I have it in for Trump. I do not.

But I know what a downward trajectory looks like, and Trump has peaked.

He does have one chance. Will he take it? I don’t think so. Trump is known for bluster, and that leopard won’t change his spots. He will just slink pack into the jungle.


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