Kanye West Channels His Inner Donald Trump?

If you think Donald Trump’s social media platform is poppin’, then wait until you get a load of presidential candidate in 2020, Kanye West!

This guy is certainly going to have some ‘splainin’ to do in 2020, when it comes to his tweets.

Forget that West is an egomaniac, and most of what he says is practically unintelligible. His fans would say that Kanye is simply too deep for us ordinary people. I believe Obama’s fans said the same thing.


As for Kanye finding his “inner Trump,” get a load of his Twitter battle with fellow hip hop artist, Wiz Khalifa, as reported by The Guardian. The writer is torn between the man and the artist.

And yet, when he released his hate-filled Twitter diatribe at Wiz Khalifa this week, I felt especially upset – even betrayed. How to maintain my self-perception as a patriarchy-crushing feminist when one of my idols proves himself to be so opposed to my ideals?

Convinced that rapper Khalifa insulted West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, he unleashed a series of mean-spirited tweets.

The man who wrote the hip hop song, Gold Digger, had this to say to Wiz Kahlifa in a tweet:

“You let a stripper trap you,”

The reference is to Amber Rose, the mother of Khalifa’s son Sebastian. West and Amber Rose dated for two years, a woman he met when she was indeed a stripper. Rose may be more famous these days for having been the originator of “Slut Walk.”

Kanye’s tweets have been called “disgusting and petty” by many, and he has removed some in response. But one thing is for sure, and that is if Kanye runs for president in 2020, he will make Donald Trump look tame in comparison.


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